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Happy holidays

As the December winds down we take a look back at 2017 and the year that was. Blackbriar enjoyed another year of productive output delivering 17 digital engagements, 34 content and video productions and 15 CX and design projects. We’ve made significant investments in our content production facilities, adding a second 4K camera and cinema lenses to our arsenal. We’ve helped to drive growth for new businesses and worked with a wide range of clients we deliver immersive digital experiences spanning multiple technologies, platforms, and media.

One of the most memorable projects was a fast turn around video for Dematic, a supply chain software company based in the US. Dematic were due to deliver a warehouse automation solution but had received a stop work order by Worksafe unless they could provide contractors with a more digestible safety procedure than an 11 page document with 55 steps by 9am Monday.

Blackbriar were briefed at midday on the previous Friday and proposed an instructional video would be the most effective communication medium for the contractors. The shoot began at 5pm Friday and concluded at 1:15am before an overnight edit was delivered to Dematic at 8am Saturday morning. After client review, the 11 minute video was cut down to eight minutes and a new version emailed to Worksafe who approved the video. Dematic were allowed to continue their work once the contractors had all watched the video tutorial and were able to meet their deadline.

Looking back, this encapsulates everything about 2017 for Blackbriar. Responding quickly to client challenges with customer centric creative solutions is what we stand for, and will continue to deliver in 2018.